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Thimmaraja Yadava G, Prem Narayankar, Beeresh H V

RFID-based public transport ticketing systems rely on widespread networks of RFID readers that locate the user within the transport network in real time to be able to verify whether he can travel at that time with the ticket he holds. This paper presents a system that uses that same RFID-based location information to give the user navigation indications depending on his current location provided that the user has indicated beforehand the places he intends to visit. The system was designed to be costeffectively deployable on the short term but open for easy extension. This paper is based on ticketing and identification of the passenger in the public transport. In the metropolitan city like Mumbai, Kolkata we have a severe malfunction of public transport and various security problems. Firstly, there is a lot of confusion between the passengers regarding fares which lead to corruption, Secondly due to mismanagement of public transport the passengers faces the problem of traffic jam, thirdly nowadays we have severe security problems in public transport due anti-social elements.The entire network comprises of three modules; Base Station Module, In-Bus Modules and Bus Stop Module. The base station module consists of monitoring system which includes GSM and a PC. The In-Bus Modules consists of two Microcontrollers, GSM Modem, GPS, Zigbee, RFID, LCD and infrared sensor. RFID for ticketing purpose, GSM, GPS is used for mobile data transmission and tracking location. The Zigbee module is also interfaced with the microcontroller which is used to send the bus information to bus stop and to get the information from the bus stop to bus. The Bus Stop Module is fixed at every bus stop consists of Zigbee node which is interfaced with the Microcontroller.