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Vishakha Dumbre, Prachi Birhade, Samruddhi Talankar, Akash Jagtap , Sonali Dhamele

Detecting moving objects in videos is an important task in several computer vision applications, human interaction, monitoring of traffic and Structural Health Monitoring. When stationary camera is placed, a basic method to detect the objects of interest is background subtraction. However, precise moving object detection using such a method is an extremely difficult task in a varying environment. This paper introduces a new technique for detecting, counting and classification of the vehicles. As more vehicles continuously appear on the roads which causes congestion and accidents. A traffic monitoring system that is capable of detecting, counting and classifying the passed vehicles is needed to provide in advance information to relevant authorities on the road traffic demand. Vehicle detection is the key task in this area and vehicle counting and classification are two important applications. This paper introduces the proposed method and its efficiency for use in traffic monitoring systems.