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Mr. Meftah Ali Almrabet Eniba

The use of computer and information technology in the educational process is considered as a learning tool and an important matter for the delivery of information, because of its great potential in helping both the teacher and the student in the learning process. This research studies the reality of computer employment and information technology in the secondary education curricula in Libya. To address this issue, a pre study questionnaire was completed by 300 teachers to find out whether teachers use computers in their teaching. The results showed that the vast majority of teachers do not use computers and information technology in teaching process. So, and based on these results, a post study questionnaire was designed on the bases of suggested areas of difficulties. These included, software area, teachers area, curricula area, physical possibilities area, students area, and planning and training area. The results showed that more intensity of difficulties was associated with the area of planning and training followed by the curriculum area, and then the software area. Whereas, the least intensity of difficulties was associated with students area followed by teachers area and then the area of human and material resources. Finally, for each studied area, suggestions and solutions were introduced to increase the effectiveness of the use of computer as an educational tool in teaching.