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Ruby Loterina Mediona

This study dwelt on spirituality as experienced, understood and practiced by the nurse administrators in Bicol, Philippines. Through a combination of Grounded theory and Descriptive method, was derived the description and ways of living out spirituality as reflected in the behaviors at work and the performed roles both as managers and leaders. Participants were from the 48 private and public hospitals and nursing schools located in all the six provinces of Bicol. A total of 160 participants were selected through theoretical and purposive samplings. With the Strauss and Corbin method validated by statistical treatments, the analyzed information created the model that visualized spirituality as a means to improve health services through enhanced administration in the realm of nursing education and practice. The emerged model referred to as Transcendental Formation, is a triple triangle which symbolizes the process of continued encounter of the nurse administrators with God that develops their work values and outcomes.