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Bisojit Pal; Sagar Mahadik; Benniel Selvaraj

This paper gives the general idea about “Train Crowd Management Via Zigbee” and its Applications. Train Crowd Management Via Zigbee contains circuit components like Micro-Switch, Zigbee Module, Microcontroller (AT89S51), LCD Display, IR Anti-Collision Sensor, Platform Direction Indicator, Relay Driver, etc. which makes it a multi-purpose circuit. In this report, we have listed about the literature survey which gives a brief gist about the various IEEE papers and journals which give us information about Train Crowd Management Via Zigbee that were previously made by researchers. The next section describes the block diagram of Train Crowd Management Via Zigbee. Various components used and the working about the same has been listed further. We have listed about the advantages, limitations and various applications in the next part