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Shazia Malik

Time management performs an important role in performing tasks in time without getting burnout. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship of time management, personality, social support and burnout among students. The literature suggests that personality and social support defense the negative effects of time management on burnout. There were 214 respondents who have participated in the online survey consisting of six sections which are demographic, work experience, time management, personality, social support, and burnout. A descriptive statistics, T-test for Independent Sample Means, Pearson Correlation, and Multiple Regression were used to analyse the data. . There are inconsistencies in the findings obtained by previous researchers on the relationship between time management and burnout among students indicate that research into the effects of time management, personality and social support on students’ burnout is not conclusive. This study attempts to fill the gap by investigating the relationship of time management, personality and social support to reduce burnout among students by using the proper time management skills. Co-relation statistic revealed that time management has significantly relationship with burnout; however burnout has no significant relationship with personality.