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Jeanne Lam

With the rapid increase of using blended learning in higher education, the understanding of student experience in blended learning environment becomes significant. The aim of this research was to understand the learning experience of the undergraduate Accounting sub degree students in a blended learning environment in Hong Kong. The research was conducted on a Management Accounting course of a sub degree programme. A case study was carried out with in depth interviews with students as primary data sources and data analysis was performed by Thematic Analysis. The results showed that, firstly, assessment was very significant in the provision of the blended learning course and therefore design of the course activities should be aligned with assessment. Secondly, students engaged in learning activities which they perceived as helpful for their learning and design of learning activities should be helpful to students study. Thirdly, the roles of teacher were important in blended learning. Instruction, facilitation, guidance and teaching support were vital to students online learning. Fourthly, students actively learnt via discussing by online communication tools and sharing resources by online tools which were not designed by the teacher. With an understanding of their learning experience, lifelong education providers can adopt blended learning in the most appropriate way so that teaching and learning effectiveness can be enhanced and the benefits of blended learning can be fully implemented. This research will fill the gap and contribute to the literature about learning experience of Hong Kong sub degree undergraduates in the blended learning environment.