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Norazman Arbin, Sazelli Abdul Ghani, Mohd Syafarudy Abu, Firdaus Mohamad Hamzah, Siti Noor Asyikin Mohd Razali

The main goal for all students is to gain excellence academically. One of the important factors is through teaching quality especially on teachers’ instructions. One of the factors that determine the quality of teaching is the students’ perception. The aim for this research is to identify the mathematics teachers’ quality of teaching at boarding secondary school. This study focused on students’ perception, based on genders on the quality of teaching of their teachers and, its relationship with the former’s mathematics achievement. This research was carried out in four boarding schools, involving 120 form four students as the sample of the study. The instrument employed was a set of questionaires comprising 21 items. The data obtained was analysed by using two types of statistical analysis. The descriptive statistics was used to obtain the frequency and mean for each of the dimensions of the teachers’ quality of teaching, while the inferential statistic was used to ascertain the relationship between students’ perceptions on their mathematics teachers’ quality of teaching and the students’ mathematics achievement. Finally, the t-test was used to investigate the difference in perceptions between the genders. The result showed that the students from those schools had positive perception on their teachers’ quality of teaching. There was a significant relationship between the male students’ perception on the quality of their teachers’ teaching and male students’ achievement. However, there was no significant relationship between the female students’ perception on the quality of their teachers’ teaching and the female students’ mathematics achievement. On the other hand, statistically the result also indicated that the students’ perception regardless of gender on their mathematics teachers’ quality in teaching did not influence their achievement in mathematics. The findings of this research could be used as a guideline for teachers in order to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.