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Deepak Shukla

Caterpillar trains, an idea meant to take the train system to residential areas, has just won an Indian railway engineer a global competition on innovation at Boston’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In a nutshell, the caterpillar train(Non-Conventional transport), or C-Train, envisages a citywide network of lightweight, elevated train coaches running at about 100kmph on a track supported by poles bent into arches. It is one of the best solution to conventional transport system. The Caterpillar train is creating a lot of buzz in western countries as this is more reliable and flexible mode of transportation and looks great into the city. This is a light weight train which can carry a limited number of passengers at a time from one place to another. It takes very less time to travel. The project is a bit costly but its running cost will compensate for its initial cost. The system is supposed to run on high voltage electric current which is much similar to the trains that run but the danger would be less as the current flowing through the line would be comparatively less because of weight, speed, etc. This system will lower down the burden from roads, bring down the level of pollution and most importantly, it would cost less which would save money.