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Aditya Mestry, Manish Thakur, Siddhesh Kanse, Sanket Shelar

A key aspect of the project is to identify a developing allocation system in timely manner, and to alert the bus vehicle occupants and generate message. It is the role of parking monitoring and control. Depending on the space scenario, the system will firstly provide a means to identify a place and automatically sends an alert to the bus driver or occupant. Another function is the transmission of position information signal to the server department where information about occupied slots and vacant slots is kept. This allocation system is implemented with the help of embedded system. At the gate of the depot and in parking slot , sensors are placed. These sensors are connected to embedded system which transmits the signal to the server using wireless transmitter which is Xbee, Xbee at receiver end receives the signal and passes it to the server which has all the information about occupied and vacant parking slots, server then sends status of space to the lcd monitor at the gate of the depot. The bus driver can then goes and park the bus in the vacant slot.