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Mr. Shetye A.N,Prof. Dhumal R.A

Privacy preserving mining of distributed data has various applications. Privacy consideration may prevent mining approach to gather all data into central site. Data sharing among N different users is very common thing. In data sharing, privacy of corresponding users should be preserved. Many applications like hospital, bank need to share personal information of individuals that cannot be revealed. Data sharing means data is shared with other users but while doing so privacy of sensitive data should be kept confidential (Confidentiality). The proposed technique makes data to be shared with other members. This data sharing is possible, because the proposed mechanism will alter gathered data before delivering it to the data miner. The altered data is also available in different format depending upon the data miner. The system can preserve private information of any user, sensitive data about any company, and disease information about any patient. The proposed technique “Secure Mining in Medical Research” is mainly for preserving private information about patient, while sharing it with different researchers to define a policy, to find out drugs on some disease depending on the collected data from various patients.