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Piyush Deolikar; Sibin Jacob; Ankit Konchady; Atul Korde

Cloud based access control system refers to a type of networked based access control system whereby an application can be run on connected servers instead of local servers. Cloud can be used to store data, share resources and also to provide services. Technically, there is very little difference between public and private cloud architecture. However, the security and privacy of the data is a very big issue when sensitive data is being entrusted to third party cloud service providers. Thus encryption with a fine grained access control is inevitable to enforce security in clouds. Several techniques implementing attribute based encryption for fine grained access control have been proposed. Under such approaches, the key management overhead is a little bit high in terms of computational complexity. Also, secret sharing mechanisms have added complexity. Moreover, they lack mechanisms to handle existence of traitors. Our proposed approach addresses these requirements and reduces the overhead of the key management as well as secret sharing by using efficient algorithms and protocols. Also, a traitor tracing technique is introduced into the cloud based access control system two layer encryption environment.