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The mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) are collection of autonomous nodes that communicate by forming a multi-hop radio network. Ad hoc networks are more vulnerable toward a security attacks like DoS (Denial of service), which is a kind of packet dropping attack. Packet dropping attacks are of three types i.e., control packet dropping, selective dropping or collaborative packet dropping. Most of the current proposed methods worked on data packet dropping, but these solutions are not directly applicable to control packets. Dropping control packets may be advantageous for selfish nodes and malicious ones as well. We propose a solution to protect control packet dropping in reactive routing protocols. Our proposal provides a general solution to monitor, detect, and isolate control packet droppers in Ad hoc network. The solution handles both directed and broadcast control packets. For monitoring we use the two-hop ACK approach for directed control packets and time based approach for broadcast control packets. For detection and judgment a redemption strategy will be used and for isolation a reputation-based approach is used.