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Dr. Seyyed Hasan Agababahi, Dr. Ramezan Mahdavi Azadboni

Education and ethics are among those topics that had received significant attention paid by scholars. Is there any relationship between educational and ethical discussion. In this paper the writer attempts to display the relationship between ethics and education. Moral realism as a significant ethical issue can play as foundational rule for educational issues. What kind of perspective toward moral value should be mirrored in educational system until it could receive its aim? Traditionally the ethical objectivity was a dominant view but since the modern era the view of ethical subjectivity and relativism has been increased. The main reason given for this view refers to the diversity of culture. The aim of this paper is to deal with the moral realism in presence of cultural diversity. The writer argue to demonstrate that cultural diversity could not and should not be a serious challenge for the moral uniformity, therefore, one is justified to keep and hold the view of moral realism in presence of cultural differences. When the moral realism is demonstrated and its rationality is displayed educational system could be supported by moral realism.