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Pooja Dongare,Omkar Kandal Gaonkar, Rohan Kanse, Sarvesh Kukyan

Controlling the home appliances and electronics gadgets through an Infrared remote control is now in general. But the same controlling tasks can be done more easily. Primary motive of proposing the new system of hand gesture remote control is to remove the need to look in to the hand held remote and to search for a specific key for specific function. This paper presents a novel system to control home appliances through hand gesture as a remote control device . The results show that this interface is able to allow physically impaired people to make use of modern appliances by gesture. Gestures are also used for communication for blind deaf and people. It has some inbuilt voice system which is used for communication .It translates hand gestures to speech through an adaptive interface. The accelerations of a hand in motion in three perpendicular directions are detected by three accelerometers respectively and transmitted. A basic feature based on sign sequence of gesture acceleration is extracted Finally, the gesture is recognized by comparing the gesture code with the stored templates.