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Aditya G. Tambe, Siddhesh D. Suryawanshi, Akshay A. Palande, Pradeep A. Patel

Disability of visual text reading has a huge impact on the quality of life for visually disabled people. Although there have been several devices designed for helping visually disabled to see objects. The project is to detect the text from the camera and announce those words to guide the blind people for product assistance like shopping and safe path movement. A camera-based assistive text reading framework is implemented to help the blind persons to read the text labels and product packaging from hand-held objects in their casual lives. In the deduced region, localization of text and recognition are conducted to acquire the text information. To automatically focalize the text regions from the object ROI, a text localization algorithm by learning gradient features of edge pixels. The localized text characters in the text regions are then binarized and recognized by optical character recognition in software. These processes are done with the help of MATLAB. This text is then converted into speech