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Kalyani Ganesh Kadam, Prof. Vaishali Khairnar

With increasing spread of World Wide Web, use of web service to serve various application needs has also gained popularity. While web service provides standardized method for data exchange between two software entities, making it very simplified, but at the same time maintaining security of data and assuring minimal data transfer size is very crucial. In case of security various cryptography algorithms are available but each is having some inherent limitations, in order to build a strong data security for data transmission we need to combine more than one cryptographic algorithms. Usually the dedicated Web Server hosting a web service uses SSL, but the link from the Web Server to the application or database server are generally in plain text. If the web Server falls prey to attack then all such plain text data can be hacked using a simple net-sniffing. This paper presents a method which enhances security for data by hybrid encryption, which can be used itself as end-to-end encryption or in addition to the existing SSL. This enhances security of data exchange between two clients using web service as an intermediary. The proposed solution encrypts the content block which can be only decrypted by client side, and not on the web server.