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Nizamidou Christina, Dr. Vouzas Fotios

Almost in an every-day basis, people all over the world become receivers of a plethora of unexpected tragic incidents like product tampering, air plane crashes, terrorism expansion and attacks. Crisis management is one of the opportune topics of today’s business world. Despite the nature or the causes of these crisis events, they all have a common denominator of hyper importance: human beings. Human beings may be affected and unwillingly participate on a crisis either as a part of an active consumer society or as employees. Understanding the human factor and its attributes in all types of crises as well as how the employees can be affected or harmed, leaves no other path than the Human Resource Department to set a new agenda of actions and roles. Human Resource Department is the strategic partner in planning, developing, and imposing strategies and performing actions, within the crisis management framework, having as a top priority the protection, anamorphosis and recovery of the employees with the alongside benefit of the minimization of losses for the company, both in terms of time and cost. The aim of this article is to analyze the literature review concerning the HR’s strategic role in terms of crisis management and present the scientific research, which will take place within the preparation of the PhD Thesis in the University of Macedonia, Greece. The scientific research will be implemented regarding the role of Human Resource Department as a member of the crisis management team and the degree of impact and influence it may have on the employees in order to deal with a crisis effectively.