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Parameswaran.S, Maria Josephine W

Asia being the largest continent with diversified people and rich culture has always been the apple of eye for waving the war and setting up colonies by the western countries. Though, the system of colonies has been shifted completely by 21st century, Asian market is a favourite flavour for Liberalisation, Globalisation and Privatisation for many western countries. With a distinct likeness towards the western culture,system, idealogies etc., Education has not been an exemption. Although, Asians are known for their unique education system in the world with the worlds first university in Asia (Nalanda University, India), they still have an ardent love and desire for the Higher Education system of the West. With the liberalised economy of the world, there is a wide corridor for the market of Western Education system in Asia. The past two decades have seen the emergence of International Market for Higher Education with a huge development. The players of the market are increasing as ever before. This paper also highlights on the students perspective in choosing the UK education system in Asian Market. This study will enhance the international strategy of marketing higher education in Asia. The paper will try to answer the choice and preferences of the UK education in Asia rather than in the UK. A set of variables will be identified based on different constructs and these constructs will be analysed to find out the reason behind the preference of students in pursuing UK programmes in Asian market.