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Lala Palupi Santyaputri

The difference issue of man and womans bodies by the media is considered as a general value for social and economic viability of that media. Most Indonesia culture embraces as patriarchy. There’s an invisible line to tell the difference between the binary opposition. Main attraction of each opposition had specialty framing. The Male actor considered the brain of every scene and the female is representing the cosmetic to attract the audience. Body is sold as a commodity, which the media is considered as the breath of life. Image of a woman in a cinema has economic interest, the body becomes a commodity to program events like this. Womans bodies into erotic attraction and stimulate the interest of people to see an event program. Looking at the effectiveness of womens bodies in influencing the audience, then information concerning the female body is always used as playground is important for highlighted at the event. Comedy cinema that maintains such values actually grow new stereotypes of woman, namely the concept that includes sex and gender where sex is the identification to distinguish male and female anatomy in terms of biological (sex) is more used for reproductive problem and sexual activity. Stereotyping of woman as more easily explained by the dotted starting at discourse that place woman in negative position and helpless. Cinemas often have an ideal female body and prove how the male created to conform to their fantasies about womans sexy or beautiful. Female models are object that created to reach fantasy, where as the male is the creator on comedy cinema.