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Muzna Mokashi, Emad Kazi, Uzair Ahmed Qureshi

Most of the assistive tools present in the market currently, designed for the people who have blindness are very costly, not easily repairable and even if available, are not easily accessible by them, the vast majority of which is economically weak. Apart from this, the number of books printed in braille is very limited. In general, new commercially available assistive technologies are far too expensive for them to afford. Our device uses the novel technology which employs electro-tactile stimulations to create perception of Braille characters. The proposed model is designed to target persons with blindness so that they can learn independently and to give them new perspective in literacy. The missing sense of sight in them leads them to perceive the world in a different manner. This served as an inspiration to us to use haptics as a tool to help them interact with the environment.