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D. Mohammad Zamani1, M. Gholamiparashkohi2, A.Taghavi2, J.E.Ghezavati3

In this paper the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation system at a workshop a potato yield monitoring has been studied. This study developed a method is accurate for potato yield mapping. First a yield monitoring system consists of a tray weighing, 2 load cells, Encoder, PLC controller and a mobile computer on a potato harvesting machine was mounting. In this study, PLC as a controller in communication with a mobile computing and control applications developed with Visual Basic Win-Pro-ladder and is capable of Encoder and Load cells data received and can be received on the data planning was necessary. Workshop was designed to evaluate the system and get the best performance of this system, laboratory tests were conducted on potato harvesting machine. The independent variables tested were: traveling speed, angle, plate thickness and shock absorber. In order to analyze and compare the results of laboratory analysis of variance with Duncan's test with a confidence level of 5 percent was used. In order to investigate the interactions of various factors of the factorial experiment in completely randomized design was used. In examining the interaction angle, speed and performance-related shock absorber on the best product to the tray angel 37 degrees, traveling speed of 2 km.h-1 and without shock absorber with 2.81 percent error was the best. In this situation the best performance in reading and data entry system designed for mass (yield) is found.