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Norsiah Fauzan, Norfarahin Mat zaini

The main purpose of this research is the development of higher order thinking skills’ module with emphasis on creativity for the preschoolers. In the development of HOTS module, pedagogical documentation were carried out to make the students’ thinking and creativity visible. It opens up the possibility of shared reflection with the children who are naturally creative, inquisitive and exploratory in nature. The ongoing dialogues and sharing with the teachers and children on the learning process throughout the pedagogical documentation enables the researchers to plan the learning experiences and development of new techniques for the teaching of HOTS or creativity among young children. The module emphasized on the learning environment and students’ engagement in learning with emphasis on play and nature. Through play, the children seems to more creative through their engagement with social activities, conversation and scaffolding. These conversations allow educators to further their “understanding of the concepts children are building, the theories they are constructing and the questions they are posing. Results shows that children have better thinking skills and creativity when given freedom to learng and scaffolding from teachers. Observation shows that learning environments such as classroom and friends and teachers creativity in facilitating and external resources are critical factors for the development of higher order thinking