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Maribi Dwi Putri Citrarasmi, Katiah, Hani Nurhasanah, Endah Gustianti Hamzah, Sufyani Prabawanto

Special Service Class (SSC) or Retrieval Remedial (RR) is an educational program in elementary school which is implemented as an effort to provide learning readiness for students who drop out or have never attended formal education. Special Service Class (SSC) or Remedial Retrieval (RR) is primarily a teaching program implemented in special classes. Until recently, special education that is being developed is an education for children with physical or psychological problems. The development of educational problems that becomes more complex arises various development of terms for children with learning disorder. It is not only due to the physical but also psychological and social condition. One of the problems that arise today is children with disabilities caused by social factors including the economic situation in the family, which hereinafter referred as SSC students. SSC students are associated with those who fail classes or drop out of school because of economic problems in the family or the environment. Some constraints relating to students that are encountered in implementing SSC program or RR, are: • student’s attendance and interest which is not optimal; • Children who have work in the morning are not willing to be transferred to the morning class (regular); • SSC or RR students prefer to learn in a short time (2 hours); • Students always feel quickly bored and are sluggish in learning; • The student’s concentration is still unstable and quickly disturbed oftentimes; • The desire to learn is low, the lack of confidence that is very disturbing in the absorption of the lesson • lesson materials which are unattractive and boring made students reluctant to go to school. In general, the problems encountered by SSC or RR students are psychological problems in learning. In solving these problems, SSC teachers in elementary school are required to have an ability in developing learning techniques, a patience, and an ability of teaching by using enjoy-learning method (learning is fun) so that it is possible to overcome the problems in learning activities in class. The psychological and sociological intervention which is integrated in every subject is essential to emphasize in Special Service Class (SSC) learning or Retrieval Remedial (RR) in order to prepare the students to follow the lessons in regular class, including in mathematics subject. One common problem in mathematics education in Indonesia is the low interest towards mathematics because students feel that learning mathematics is a learning to memorize formulas which are used later to solve mathematical problems. For elementary school children, to learn like this will be very boring and meaningless because it is far from their characteristics that prefer to play especially for students with special needs in SSC or RR themselves. This paper will discuss the contextual learning that can be implemented in learning mathematics which relates to Indonesian Realistic Mathematics Education so that mathematics will no longer be a horrifying subject for elementary school children yet as a fun subject to learn because the children can learn mathematics in their games. Studies have found that strategies in games are effective in motivating children to learn math and also make the learning more meaningful. The focuses of this paper are examples in games that can support the process of learning mathematics and the role of teachers in facilitating students to learn math meaningfully which is indirectly integrated in the games.