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Blogging: The Possibilities and Beyond

M.A. Razali1,N. Zainol,S.R. Mohamed Apendi,P.D. Ab.Rashid4,A.Azmi, F.N. Tazijan

Blogging has been one of the phenomenal practices in the technology enabled language teaching. As far as language writing is concerned, many positives out comes have been discussed, however, in terms of the effectiveness of blogging in generic subjects are not being discussed widely. In the culinary teaching, future chefs are focused to hands on skills or more to cooking skills. As such, writing skills are not being emphasized , although, these future chefs are required to write about food review, restaurant reviews, recipes, tastes and many more. In order to assist instructors, blogs were introduced to these future chefs in their culinary classes. Over a period of a year, blogs were used as a tool to help future chefs express their culinary palate instead of the traditional way of ‘hand in’ classroom assignments. This research seeks to investigate lecturers or instructors’ point of view using blogs as a technology tool in the culinary field. Improvements, effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages are discussed to help using technology enabled learning in the culinary setting. It is hope that by using advanced blogging will help future chefs to record their passion towards gastronomy field easier and made available to be shared with others.