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Devanshu Mishra, Anuradha More, Priyanka Maru, Anish Dandekar, Nayana Vaity.

MANET can be defined as a collection of mobile nodes wirelessly connected which has no infrastructure and can be self-configured. Due to its various characteristics like Dynamic topology, no centralized controller, no infrastructure, security limitations, energy constraint there are a few drawbacks and the major one is the security concern. If the limited security problem are not solved MANET will becomes prone to many attacks. Various protocols are available to overcome these drawback and one of the protocols is Adhoc on-demand Distance vector routing protocol (AODV) which is popular because of its reactive nature. Attacks can take place if any mobile node behaves maliciously which drops, delays or reorders the packets exchanged between intermediate mobile nodes during communication and such nodes are called jellyfish attacking nodes. The limited security problem might increase if these maliciously behaving mobile nodes are not handled properly. Thus, In our paper we are using trust based parameters and perceptron logic in order to avoid such maliciously behaving nodes using NS2 as the simulator