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Vinay Mahulkar,Sagar Kagade, Prof Prasannati Kulkarni

There are many robbery cases, murder cases and many more disasters in which many a times the culprit is not found or there is no evidence of the crime the culprit has done and he is not punished/arrested for the crime. This is all because there is no security system. So we have introduced an Advanced Security System which overcomes the problem of not having the evidence of the crime the culprit has done. The Advanced Security System is all about sensing the presence, gas leakage, fire sensing. The gas sensor is used to detect the leakage of the LPG gas in the house if used in house security and if used in industry the LPG gas sensor can be replaced by the gas that can be hazardous or harmful in the industries. The fire sensor is used to detect the fire in the house as well as in different industries to avoid any fire that will eventually destroys the place when there is a fire