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Vaishnavi Khadasane, Mrunalini Desai, Devashree Khatavkar, Shruti Lad

The project is to create an authentication system for two-wheelers based on the most popular biometrics that are nothing but Fingerprints. Basically, it is made to prevent the two-wheeler from thefts. The self-start of the two wheeler is replaced with the fingerprint system. The recognition of the fingerprint is based on certain factors such as unique patterns, reference points etc. The project consists of the AVR microcontroller AT Mega 328, fingerprint scanner module R305, Fuel sensor and GSM Module. The fingerprint Module R305 has memory storage capacity of 256 fingerprints. As soon as the fingerprint module acquires the fingerprint, the fingerprint module immediately in interacts with the microcontroller and checks if that fingerprint is present in the database of the module. For a valid fingerprint, the ignition system is started provided sufficient fuel must be present. If the fingerprint acquired is invalid then a message will be sent to the owner of the vehicle using GSM Module. LCD Display and DC Motor is interfaced with the microcontroller. LCD Display displays the desired output while the DC Motor starts with valid fingerprint and sufficient fuel.