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Rajesh R. Waghulde , Leena R. Waghulde

One of the primary needs for development in any nation in the world is the terms of reliable electricity supply systems. The purpose of this work is the development of a Solar- Wind hybrid Power system that renewable energies in Sun and Wind to generate electricity. As the wind does not hold throughout the day and the sun does not shine for the whole day, using a single source will not be a suitable choice. A hybrid power system means combining the wind and the sun and stored in a battery. It can be a much more reliable and sensible power source. The load can be powered using the stored energy in the batteries when there is no sun or wind. Battery system is needed to store solar and wind energy during the day time. During night time, the presence of wind is an added advantage, which increases the reliability of the system. In the heavy rain seasons, the effect of sun is less at the site and thus it is suitable to use a hybrid wind solar system. In general, the use of wind energy is cheaper than that of solar energy. The solar-wind hybrid system is more cost-effective and reliable. The hybrid system is usually defined "A approach of working, organizing or doing incredible that is collected of element of two separate systems". A hybrid is the combination of two more different things, aimed to achieving particular objective or goals.