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Tushar Choudhary, Ashwini Kumar

The present paper deals with the analysis of vibration of a Square plate with circular hole. As the Plate structures are accounted as major engineering substructures, especially wherever the weight is a main issue. In aerospace and marine structures, the structural weight beside the necessary strength is of chief importance. Moreover, good strength to weight and stiffness to weight ratios as well as design versatility have made composite laminates very demotic engineering structures. The presence of singularity in form of hole affects the fundamental frequency of plate and hence the vibrational analysis of plate with hole becomes significant in pivotal installation. The present paper analyzes the effect of circular hole located at the centre of the plate on the natural frequency of square plate by using finite element method. Two boundary conditions are used, namely SSSS Simply supported all edges, CCFF two adjacent edges are clamed and two adjacent edges are free. The parametric study of the reliance of the hole diameter on the frequency and mode shape of a square plate are discussed and found that the natural frequency of plate decreases with increase in hole diameter, which is more appreciable in higher modes.