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Al Jumaily H., Tewfik M.

This study assesses sound performance at building front façades as well as types of design configuration of the self protected building envelops which are often exposed to a linear finite length sound source (e.g. traffic noise). Impacts of noise attenuation at the surface level of the building façade are also dealt with. The study includes an evaluation of the architectural elements shaping the configuration of the façade as a means of self protection for noise attenuation against traffic noise whereby the architects and engineers have neither the choice of averting such disturbing sources nor using natural buffers or man made barriers to shelter buildings aligned at main streets. A theoretical background is rendered so as to clarify the concept of self protected building envelops and their role in the traffic noise attenuation. Computer simulation of mathematical models are also applied to test the effect of the facade design, articulation and configuration of envelop on noise attenuation. However, design alternatives of simulated different front façades facing traffic noise are analyzed as case studies. This study concludes with some useful findings depicting the relationship between envelop configuration and noise attenuation in order to make the building more self protected. A few general considerations are added at the end of the paper.