Cultural heritages and historical buildings play a significant role in socio-economic development of a country. Kabul is the capital and an ancient city of Afghanistan with lots of historical quarters and traditional architectural buildings. Role of the historic city of Kabul is critical for benefiting from the value of culture and heritage. Unfortunately, past decades of tragic war that was imposed on Afghanistan has dealt a severe and destructive blow to the physical and social fabric of its cities. Kabul also suffered a great deal of devastation, much of its fine architecture and urban fabric was destroyed including the great Char-Chatta bazaar, which was one of the fine commercial establishments in the region. This paper describes about the background and importance of the Kabul Old City in particular about the role of Char-Chatta bazaar on the economy and tourism industry of Kabul. Moreover, this study looks on the sustainability of a rehabilitation plan which was prepared for developing of the aforementioned bazaar and as well as recommend some points which can severely hamper the architecture, identity and historical character of the area if not adequately addressed.