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Suman Preet Singh, Rajwinder Singh Bansal

This study was conducted to investigate the effects of replacing natural coarse aggregates (CA) with recycled concrete aggregates (RCA) & addition of steel fibres on workability, compressive strength, tensile strength & flexural strength of concrete. Properties were evaluated using different proportion of RCA and Steel fibres. For this, an experimental program was planned in which different concrete mixes were prepared with partial replacement level of 0%, 50% & 100% CA with RCA in binary mixes. The ternary concrete mixes were also prepared by partial replacing CA by 0%, 50% &100% RCA and by adding 0%, 0.5% & 1% of steel fibres as reinforcement. In all, nine RCA mixes were prepared, the water/binder (w/b) ratio was kept constant at 0.4 and the super plasticizer was used at 1% by weight of cement to maintain the workability of concrete. To determine compressive strength of concrete mix, cubes of size 150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm were prepared and tested after the period of 7 and 28 days of water curing. To determine split tensile strength and flexural strength, for each mix, cylinders of size 100 mm diameter and 200 mm height and beam of 100 mm x 100 mm x 500 mm were casted and tested after 28 and 56 days of curing period.