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Ankur B Mokal, Snehal R Pawar, Pankaj P Patil

Smart vehicle Traffic management measures are aimed at improving the safety and flow of traffic utilizing traffic capacity more effectively. Smart vehicle provides Traffic Incident Detection. Smart Traffic Monitoring can integrate with traffic management and smart roadway systems and hosts a feature rich product scope itself. There are so many traffic rules for reliable life which we break intentionally or unintentionally. Some of them can results to critical. Our System is mainly based upon the same thing. Our idea is to let it know for vehicles about such zones (School/Hospital/Police) to avoid accident in school area, to keep quite in hospital area. The main objective is to design a Smart Display controller meant for vehicles speed control and monitors the zones, which can run on an embedded system. Smart Display & Control (SDC) can be custom designed to fit into a vehicle’s dashboard, and displays information on the vehicle. The project is composed of two separate units zone status transmitter unit and receiver (speed display and control) unit. Once the information is received from the zones, the vehicles embedded unit automatically alerts the driver, to reduce the speed according to the zone, it waits for few seconds, and otherwise vehicles SDC unit automatically reduces the speed.