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Rajat Bhatia, Vishrut Sharma, Kanchan Arora

Road safety has become a main issue for governments and car manufacturers in the last twenty years. For every citizen of metropolitan cities getting struck in long traffic jams has been the major concern of the era. The evolution of wireless technologies has allowed researchers to design communication systems where vehicles can participate in the communication networks. This paper aims at creating a healthy communication network among the vehicles so that every other vehicle on the road can get to know the traffic situation ahead on the lane by communicating with the vehicles ahead so that the driver can take a adequate decision of changing the path or staying on the same path. This system will trigger a message every time it faces over traffic situation on the road. This situation will be judged by the traffic simulators on the traffic lights. And the message will be forwarded by a decentralized type of wireless network called ad hoc network generated by taking cars as nodes. The system will be useful in preventing the never ending and annoying traffic jams on roads and will save the precious time of the people.