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Naveenkumar , Jagadeesh S K

Efficient power consumption and savings has become a major issue these days as the need for power is increasing day by day. Domestic energy consumer is unaware of his power usage, means to save it, and also sometimes finds ways to steal power without paying for it. One more issue is that service provider can’t predict the power consumption of a specific consumer or a specific area which can further be used to analyze the load changes of the same. This has increased the emphasis on the need for accurate and economic methods of power measurement. The goal of providing such data is to optimize and reduce their power consumption. The Energy Meter proposed here deals with the measurement of line voltage, phase current, neutral current, computation of active power, and energy being consumed by a consumer and display the information to the consumer and then send the power and energy being consumed to the service provider, identify theft and cut the line for a period when the voltage and current exceed specific limits so that no equipment fails.