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Suchada Rainmora, Molticha Rangsiyangkoon, Sirasith Cherdboonmuang

This research focuses on the application of generating 3D model from 2D multi-views images. Only 2D visual view could not be delivered a clear explanation of the requirement, so the non-scanning data acquisition method has been applied in this research for increasing capability of the communication between customer and manufacturer. The proposed approach can be divided into four main sections. Preparing the object for capturing purpose is started first. Then, taking images of the different views of the desired object is applied. The third step is constructing a 3D model from the 2D images. After generating 3D model, the surface reconstruction and correction is performed to enhance the quality of the 3D result. The main advantage of generating 3D model from 2D multi-views images is to capture the desired object directly and easily where the basic or compact digital camera can be applied with less skill levels required.