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Rati Saluja, K M Moeed

Large joint areas with fewer passes and minimal preparation with high deposition rates is possible in submerged arc welding. Deposition rates approaching 45 kg/h have been reported this compares to 5 kg/h (max) for shielded metal arc welding. In general, one kg of flux is consumed for every kg of weld metal deposited in submerged arc welding. There are two important parameters in submerged arc welding, the flux and the wire, that may be supplied separately. The arc, end of electrode and molten pool remain completely hidden are invisible being submerged under a blanket of flux. A general problem that may occur is the absorption of moisture by the fluxes during storage. The amount of moisture absorbed being dependent upon the atmospheric conditions and time of exposure. Sometimes moisturized flux generated during submerged arc welding is thrown away as a waste. The study revealed to recycle the moisturized flux. Moisturized flux has been processed in such a manner that allows it to be used as a flux. Additionally it is always important and useful to reduce waste and to move towards “ZERO WASTE CONCEPT”.