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Perdinan Sinuhaji, Anwar Darma Sembiring, Zainal Abidin Nasution

A test on the production of pulp and paper from durian hides has been carried out with cooking temperature of 135 OC for a duration of 1.5 hours in a liquid of 2% : 3% : 4% NaOH with comparison of durian hide fragment : cooking liquid 1:6. Durian hides possesses grinding level of 180 CSF, cracking index of 0.6 kPa.m2/gr and low tension index namely 15 Nm/gr. The composition of the mixture of durian hide pulp (3% NaOH) with Old Currugated Carbon (OCC) is (100%:0); (90%:10%); (80%:20%), (70%:30%). To the grinding level of 300 ml CSF, starch of 1% and sizing agent (AKD) 1% is added. Physical characteristics of the paper sheet possesses gramature of 54.5 gr/m2, thickness 0.321 mm, tensile strength 1.13 kN/m, tearing strength 253 mN, Porosity (Bensten) 2050 ml/minute and roughness (Bensten) 1700 ml/minute. The paper grammage had not fulfilled basic paper specification for plastic laminated wrapping paper, SNI 14-6519-2001.