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Dadapeer, Ankush Karwa, Prithvi M , Megha H M , Koushalya Karwa

Proctorial system mainly provides supportive care and advice to the students and to help them in their academic problems and personnel problems, if any, and to council them appropriately. This project includes sending the progress reports of each student to his/her parents/guardians furnishing the details of attendance, class marks, and examination results. This is a web based system that will automate the manual system used for management and maintenance of the critical information which reduces a lot of paper work. This system provides parents an easy access to their ward’s academic performance. This system has special access to the proctor to update the student’s details and also includes the counselling of the ward about his/her performance. The administrator has the complete access to database so that the users do not modify the details updated by proctor. The application runs on windows platform that uses java, java server pages html.