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Dr.kamaran HamaAli.A.Faraj, Hawar Osman Shareef,Tara Nawzad Ahmad Al Attar, Aree Anwar Najib, Galawezh Muhammad Najeeb

The developments of our society student in universities of Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) help students to achieve most of their duties by using of technologies for example, using of mobile devices SMS facility make student life very easy and quick response. For that reason the extremely numbers of use the mobile technology SMS make load on mobile communication towers. As other part of the world the rush hours is from 9.00AM to 2.00PM in universities. One of the defaults of public network is heavy load during the rush hours and creates delay of reach the SMS on time, the others are costing students. Our proposed system solves that two mentioned problems and make students to use of mobile device less. Nowadays younger students are very comfortable with using of computer technology than ever before Especially, the using of personal computer (PC) Laptop and Wireless network Communications (WNC) by Sulaimanis University. The teachers and students are quickly increasing to use. The entire PCs in the Quality Assurance laboratory (QA LAB) and the QA manager private PC are connect directly to Server. Undoubtedly, The Wireless Computer Communication System (WCCS) created an effective role in to student society and made it very fast growing in to educational sector (universities) as well as to the industrial sectors. For instance, in educational sector (universities) the WCCS modify the traditional (paper and pencil classroom feedback of lecturer evaluation by students) toward to WLFS (Wireless Laboratory Feedback System). Furthermore, most of the students were complaining about the uneconomic and long delay of short message service Classroom Feedback System (SMS CFS), because of the mobile communication users in the University campus are approximately 8000 from 9.00AM to 2.00PM. it is obvious, that amount of users creates an overload on public mobile network and affect SMS receive time. WLFS is uncomplicated, non traffic network and economical solution for replacing SMS CFS and TF. Apart from that, our proposed system becomes an excellent guide for monitoring of high quality of teaching from teacher and level of students understanding in a class. Technically, thirty five computers (clients) in a QA LAB and QA Manager are connecting to (server) via private WLAN.