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Osahenvemwen, O.A and Omorogiuwa, O.

This study presents the evaluation and parametric modeling of voltage drop in power distribution networks. The issues of voltage drop in power distribution networks has become a recurrent decimal in power distribution sector, which has avert effects on electronics appliances, which result in incessant fire out in offices and residential buildings. Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) injection substation both in Ekpoma and Benin City were investigated for a period of three months (1ST February to 30TH April, 2014). Data were obtained from both technical staff and prospect power consumers in that area with the help of questionnaires. Causes of various voltages drop in six power distribution injection substation sectors were obtained from both residential and industrial areas with the corresponding time (hour). Mathematical modeling was developed for voltage drop. Firstly, it was observed from BEDC power system that there were no technical reports recorded on voltage drop cases and due to lack of technical record, this aspect has witnessed a low response time from the technical sector to eradicate. It is observed that voltage drop occurrences and response time before repairs has similar exponential pattern, which justify the neglect of voltage drop. Voltage drop in both residential and industrial areas were considered.