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Optimal Strength Design of Reactive Powder Concrete

Dr. Isam Mohamad Ali

— Little, if any, researches deal with the optimization consideration of reactive powder concrete (RPC), that is normally tested under compression, indirect splitting tension and/or flexure. In this study, the mechanical properties of reactive powder concrete were investigated and optimized. All specimens were made at different water to cement ratios (0.15, 0.18, 0.21, 0.24), microsilica to cement ratios (0.05, 0.10, 0.15) and age of testing (7, 14, 28) days. The compressive strength, splitting tensile strength and flexural strength were determined and then optimized to maximize strength. In addition, two curing processes were examined: moist and autoclave curing. Based on the present study, optimal composite materials and conditions for producing RPC were found by investigating the effect of several parameters, including curing method, water-to-cement (w/c) ratio, microsilica to cement (m/c) ratio, and testing age. Further, there is a definite proportion for various ingredients to achieve maximum strength properties. RPC with w/c of 0.20 by weight of cement, m/c of 0.09 by weight of cement, age of 28-day for moist curing and with w/c of 0.175 by weight of cement, m/c of 0.15 by weight of cement, age of 14-day for autoclave curing gave maximum RPC strength.