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Aviral Saxena, Runa Oraon

Open dumping is the most common method of solid waste disposal in many developing countries including urban areas. Appropriate landfill site selection is important to minimize negative impacts associated with open dump sites. Landfill siting is an extremely difficult task to accomplish due to strong public opposition and regulations. Developing countries do not have a systematic process for landfill site selection and hence unsuccessful landfill siting leading to environmental degradation is typically the result especially in the developing world. Data were collected from Bareilly district, India. Waste disposal is the last stage of waste management which is the subject of a precise process including site selection, preparation and operation; every stage needs research and management actions. Selection criteria include engineering, environmental and economic criteria. For storage, maintenance, management and analysis of geographical data and it has been designed for working with data that has spatial and descriptive dependency. No site selection study focusing waste disposal has been performed in Bareilly town of Uttar Pradesh, India , which is located at 250 Km East of Delhi and have a population of over 9.5 lakh people and total waste production of approx. 129813 Metric tons per year. This study has been done using Guidelines for Selection of site on different parameters in which criteria such as distance from residential areas, distance from roads, land use, distance from wells, and distance from faults, geology, and distance from sensitive ecosystems, etc. were used and after data geo referencing, the weighting of the criteria and adjusting them with the geographical features of the area, data overlaid and finally three locations proposed for landfill were introduced in Bareilly town. Among the proposed areas, one was selected as the best location according to the hypotheses. The obtained results of this study may be helpful for policy makers of Bareilly town.