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Jay Shankar Goit

It is presumably that construction industries in India are facing the same generic problems/ wastes on construction activities which were also faced by their counterparts regardless those in developed countries or developing countries. However, the main problem in India (might be the same for most of other countries) is the lack of clear indicators on quantitative parameters to assess the extent of those problems/ wastes to have been impacted on the overall performance and productivity of local construction industries. To date, there have not been many well-documented quantitative studies and records on to process-related problems/ wastes which arisen on construction site in India. As a result of that, the introduction of the concepts and framework of new lean construction ideology are seen as an opportunity to address the existing problems in local construction industry and utilising concepts and framework of new lean construction ideology can then go further to formulate the extent of impacts of those problems/ wastes on a more structured and quantitative basis. Prior to assess the severity of the process-related problems/ wastes which existed in the construction processes for the local construction industries, the differentiation of traditional and new production/ construction concepts will have to be drawn prior to further investigation and evaluation on any project performances. New measurement parameters such as waste, value, cycle time or variability that was not covered under traditional concepts are to be introduced into this study; the local construction personnel will be subsequently examined with those new parameters to review the level of understanding and practicability in local construction industry compare to the requirements and the concepts set forth by lean construction philosophy. This research is intended to verify and re-evaluated the status of existing productivity and performances on construction activities and processes for local construction industries. This is meant to have a clearer picture on how “lean” in local construction industry performed currently under the compilation of new measurement parameters particularly on waste and cycle time pertaining to the concepts and principles of Lean Construction