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Dr. Shashi Prabha, Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta

— In diabetes, slight injury to the glucose laden tissue may cause chronic infection and ulcer formation. Ulceration in diabetes may be precipitated by ischemia due to diabetic atherosclerosis, infection or diabetic peripheral neuritis or a combination of all these factors. Diabetic ulcers are usually found on the planter surface of the foot over the metatarsal heads or heel. The major aspect of the management of the diabetic foot ulcer is prevention of the infection and achieve speedy healing, reducing pain, discharge and less discolouration after healing. In Sushruta samhita, diabetic foot ulcer can be correlated with Madhumehaj vrana. During its description, Acharya Sushruta stated that the management of these vranas are difficult i.e. kashtasadhya. Acharya Sushruta explained the Vranachikitsa in Shashti upakramas, In this, local application of medicated ghrita is one of the most important upakrama. In classics, Jatyadi ghrita is indicated for Dushta vrana and Nadi vrana. A case study of a Madhumehaj vrana (diabetic foot ulcer) successfully treated by local application of Jatyadi ghrita has been presented here.