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S. A. Kakade, Dr. A. W. Dhawale

The high cost of materials for anyconventional building is a major factor that affects the housing delivery worldwide. This has necessitated research for alternative cost effective materials in construction. The paper aims at analyzing characteristic compressive and tensile strength of coconut shells of concrete produced. By partial replacement using crushed, granular coconut shells as a substitute for conventional coarse aggregate in M20 grade concrete. The cube and cylinder are casted, tested then physical and mechanical properties are determined. In this studies, three different concrete mixes with different the combination of natural material content namely 0, 25, 50. Three samples specimen will be prepare for each concrete mixes. The parameters will be tested are compressive strength, tensile strength. This paper analyzed an investigation on the behavior of concrete specimens produce from coconut shell aggregate. A total of 36 specimens with varying percentage of replacement were casted and tested. The attempt is made to prove in all respect the serviceability and durability, experimental study is satisfying and can be implemented in rural areas by considering all technical aspect.