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Mrs. Asha Rawat, Sushant Dakwe, Kaveri Kadam, Anuj Nadiyana, Mukesh Suthar

Automation is a system or technique of controlling a process through electronic devices thus reducing human involvement to minimum. Our main motive is to provide an easy control over appliances for disabled persons, which will provide convenience to their daily life and they can control appliances even when they are away from home. The user gets monthly electricity usage and can set the time span after which a device has to be turned on/off using the timer option which in turn saves energy and money. This system is implemented using “Android Things” and “Firebase” by Google, the latest technology in the field of IoT (Internet of Things). Android Things makes development of apps for embedded devices easier by providing the same development environment as Android. Firebase is a powerful platform for android apps which offers real-time database, cloud notifications and synchronization to all connected devices and handling of user authentication.