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Intelligent Traffic Control System

Kedar Garud,Varun Dhande, Kartikey Joshi

Traffic congestion is the biggest problem faced by densely populated countries. It is often noticed that, in spite of being an emergency the ambulances have to wait at the signals till it becomes green and that can risk the life of the patient because it becomes important for an ambulance to reach the hospital while taking the patient there or to reach the spot where the patient is. So, our project focuses on this area. The project is a replica of a four way lane crossing of real time scenario. The first part, concentrates on the problems faced by Ambulances and priority vehicles like police jeeps and fire brigades, IR transmitter and receiver are used to make the Ambulance’s lane Green and thus providing a stoppage free way for the Ambulance and other priority vehicles. The other problem that is many times faced is that despite being a lot of traffic in one lane, people over there have to wait because of the red light of the signal and the other lane which has less traffic remains green. So in the second part, our project is concentrated on Traffic density control. For the traffic density control we have used IR transmitter and receiver to provide dynamic traffic control and thus increasing the duration of the Green light of the lane in which traffic density is high and hence, regulating traffic. Thus, by this project we aim at solving the traffic problems and also the problems faced by ambulances and other priority vehicles like police jeeps and fire brigades during emergency.