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Arpit Srivastava, Vishwas Singh, Dr. Pradeep Srivastava, Rupika Sinha

Biotechnology is an emerging sector which not only includes medical science but also dynamic aspects of sustainable environment. In Entrepreneurial sector scope for Biotechnology is more but on a ground level this sector does not able to capitalize the market because of lack of information and heavy investment. In India Biotechnology based sector required for better medical research with a quality Output. The demands have to be highly observed and validate by designing platform for delivery of high value products through entrepreneurship developments. Medical research derives innovation from all the directions but to convert it into entrepreneurial aspect comes from Incubation of research, Product and its Yield for the betterment of Humans. Branches like Food, Natural Medicines, Bioinformatics, Biosensors, Waste management and different Therapies can be derived by entrepreneurial aspect and this paper will help to analyze different productive sectors of Biotechnology in Entrepreneurship.